Discover Dior VIII

Discover Dior VIII

“I dreamt of being an architect; as a couturier, I have to respect the principles of architecture.”
Christian Dior

Dior VIII Montaigne

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Striking, elegant and timeless, Dior VIII is reminiscent of the emblematic ‘Bar’ tailored jacket. As if to further accentuate Monsieur Dior’s favourite number, its name recalls the date the fashion house was created on 8th October 1946, the name of his first collection named ‘En Huit’ or the 8th arrondissement of Paris where the Dior house was founded on Avenue Montaigne.


With Dior VIII Montaigne, Dior pushes the inspiration even further by returning to the essential colours found in Christian Dior’s palette, calling on steel grey. A watch by day and a piece of jewellery by night, Dior VIII Montaigne is like the heart and soul of an authentic Parisian woman with all her elegance and femininity who knows how to pair colours, combine styles, have fun with different volumes and vary her wardrobe to suit the occasion.


"A ball gown must be the one of your dreams, and must also make you a dream-like creature. In my opinion, it is just as important as a suit in a woman’s wardrobe. And so wonderful for morale..." said Christian Dior.
As a result, in addition to the daytime and cocktail designs, the Dior VIII wardrobe also features evening designs with the 'Dior Inversé' calibre, where the functional oscillating weight placed on the side of the dial is reminiscent of the swirling of a ball gown.