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Rare expertise

  • The sections of leather are sanded then dyed by hand to guarantee a perfect colour, before being assembled by a saddle stitcher. With its consistently perfect finishes, Diorissimo subtly reveals the wealth of Dior's leather working skills. The name "Christian Dior" is heat stamped on the interior, a discreet indication that this is a rare piece of luxury.

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Diorissmo's materials, an appeal to the senses

  • Diorissimo catches the eye with its leather - a play of colours in a range of bold duos is designed to accentuate the obvious beauty of the bag's form. What makes Diorissimo stand out is the exceptional quality of the materials used. It is a genuine appeal the senses, enhanced by the natural shine of calfskin, with its smooth, powdery feel, and inviting caress.

The Diorissimo pouch, the luxury is in the details

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