Discover Dior Soft

Discover Dior Soft

Respect tradition and dare to be insolent,
because the one requires the other.


The Dior Soft bag bears one of the most recognisable signatures of Dior: the cannage motif on its stitching. Fascinated by the aesthetics of the 18th century, Christian Dior had installed in his avenue Montaigne boutique a series of Napoleon III style gilded chairs with pale wickerwork or cannage. Used by the guests at his Haute Couture fashion shows, over time these chairs were to become a key symbol of Dior. From 1961 onwards, the couturier used the timeless cannage motif numerous times in his collections. Cannage has become a veritable symbol and lends Dior Soft unique elegance.


At the same time elegant and functional, Dior Soft is the epitome of couture craftsmanship. Borrowing its rectangular shape from the shopping bag, it consists of three compartments, one of which is zipped. Refined down to the smallest detail, Dior Soft offers the luxury of its impeccable finishes. Hanging from one of its handles, the four letters of Dior sparkle elegantly and sway to the bag's movements with a slight jingling sound that has become the sonorous signature of Dior.  Available in gold or silver depending on the colour of the leather, these precious jewellery-like charms lend Dior Soft timeless chic.