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27 April

Eau Sauvage Cologne

Since 1966, Eau Sauvage has been the scent of active and emancipated youth. Today, the legendary fragrance is reinvented in a fresh cologne version, and embodied in a new campaign starring a spirited and nonchalant Alain Delon.

1966: on the set of the film Les Aventuriers by Robert Enrico, Alain Delon is the incarnation of a liberated man with a rock spirit, an untamed beauty on the trail of exciting sensations. 1966: Dior launches a rebellious scent, capturing this same indomitable youthfulness - Eau Sauvage.

Faithful to its revolutionary nature, this now-legendary fragrance is today reappearing in a pared-down version of radiant freshness. Eau Sauvage Cologne is the resolutely cool scented signature of lightly-worn and defiant manliness.

24 April
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Getting The Look

Lustrous lips, a radiant complexion, bright eyes… In an exclusive video, discover how to apply this summer's Dior beauty look.

23 April
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Customized Grades

As we revealed yesterday, the new summer look Tie Dye is an explosion of color, and now it's your turn to discover these beauty innovations.

A lipstick infused with a second color in its CD-stamped heart. Dior Addict Tie Dye unveils its duos of nuances and textures to tint lips with uniquely graded color: a smoky pink heightened with fuchsia, a coral sealed with red, a brown contrasted with beige, a violet with orange-y warmth, vermillion softened with mauve, and pink set off with pale pink. Diorskin Nude Tan is revisited in a uniquely light and vaporous Tie Dye colorama in which fresh hues sit alongside the softest, subtlest shades. It comes in two harmonies to structure and show off pale or bronzed skin to best effect. This summer, the new translucent red Top Coat Tie Dye creates a graded effect on the nails, whether it's layered or applied alone for a customized manicure. 

22 April
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Sunny Shades 

Pitched for those sun-filled days, the Tie Dye summer look created by the Dior beauty team is a subtle mélange of colors. 

For its summer 2015 look, Dior beauty turns its attention to the tie-dye technique. Colors meld, meet, collide and spread out. Drenched in light, they appear unexpected, unique, and in full bloom. On the lips, Dior Addict Tie Dye lipstick reveals combinations of coral, pink, mauve, and red. The complexion is given a sunny brightness thanks to the four graded and vibrant tones of Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye. Eyes dazzle with the lagoon blue, intense jade, sable beige, and delicate amber of the 5 Couleurs palette. On the nails, the grenadine line of theTop Coat Tie Dye provides the finishing touch to this effect of radiant beauty.   

20 April
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Bright Eyes

The new Eye Reviver palette puts the spotlight on the art of Nude, with a selection of six fresh shades that structure and light up the eyes. 

"The style of our time is both natural and simple", wrote Christian Dior in his autobiography Dior by Dior. It was with this in mind that the Eye Reviver palette from the Backstage Pros range was created, as an homage to the art of Nude. Developed and used backstage at the House's fashion shows, it gives the Dior woman the possibility of having professional expertise available at her fingertips on a daily basis. A range of beiges serves to illuminate the eyelid, before it's structured with taupe and pinkish-gray eye shadows. Brown and a black cream liner emphasize the full effect, for a customized look. A full applicator set  – eyeliner, sponge and "sculpt and blend" brush – allows the wearer to perfectly apply the different shades. And so Dior beauty is reinvented in the shadow of a powdery modernity, where intensity and sobriety combine in the blink of an eye. 

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