02 May
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On The Riverside

Discover the video of the making of the new Lady Dior campaign.

02 May
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Lady Dior

The new campaign for the Lady Dior bag, shot by Peter Lindbergh, features actress and muse Marion Cotillard in a Parisian landscape.

For the new Lady Dior campaign, photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Marion Cotillard, face of the iconic bag, strolls along the banks of the Seine in Paris, not far from the Louvre. The Lady Dior appears in black leather topstitched with the emblematic cannage motif, and with a wide, crystal-embroidered strap. It's also shown in a metalized version with a micro-cannage, giving a contemporary twist to the motif drawn from the Napoleon-III chairs on which Christian Dior seated the guests at his couture shows.

01 May
Savoir Faire

Lily-of-the-valley in the Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 Show

The house of Dior’s most recent haute couture collection revisited the founder’s lucky talisman and favorite flower: the lily-of-the-valley. Recreated in beads and sequins on a white Bar jacket, its little bells required more than three hundred hours of delicate hand embroidery work.

01 May

Happy May Day !

On this first day in May, celebrate tradition by discovering a sprig of the story of the lily-of-the-valley, Christian Dior’s lucky flower.


Laziz Hamani

Symbolizing the triumph of spring over winter, the lily-of-the-valley held a special extra dimension for Christian Dior. Highly superstitious, he always carried a piece of it in his pocket – among his other lucky charms – a dried sprig in a finely-wrought reliquary. The good-luck flower reminded him of his childhood spent in Granville, in the garden of the family home, a source of seemingly endless inspiration. In the shade cast by the arums, at the base of a wall leading to the sea, the delicate little white bells still abound in this secret spot chosen by the young Christian and his mother.

When he became a couturier he desired that his creations would render women ever happier and made this humble flower one of the codes of his House. His petites mains and his most important clients received them each May 1st. The love Monsieur Dior had for the lily-of-the-valley was so great that it required all the ingenuity of his florist to be able to supply him with a stock of them throughout the entire year! He would often wear one as a boutonniere, to bring him extra luck. In his collections, the lily-of-the-valley was just as seasonless. For spring 1954, he devoted an entire line to his favorite flower. “Young, soft and simple,” this new fashion alluded to a succession of floral bells through “the volume of the hat, volume of the bust, volume the skirt”. In winter as in summer, some of the outfits were shown with a few sprigs pinned to a jacket lapel or even sewn into the hem of a dress, in order to ward off bad luck. Woven, printed or embroidered, as for spring 1957 on the dress to which it gave its name Muguet in French, the lily-of-the-valley is a shy bloom whose delightful scent sadly cannot be extracted. In 1956, Christian Dior realized his dream of capturing its essence with his third perfume, Diorissimo. Today, this bringer of good luck continues to inspire the House’s collections, such as the haute couture spring-summer 2016 and the ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2016-2017 in which it flowered on skirts, jackets and dresses in the form of delicate embroideries.

30 April
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Dior Bronze

The sun of the summer months isn't all that far away. To ensure that its presence remains a pleasure, the Dior Bronze suncare range protects, beautifies, and delicately perfumes the skin.

Sunkissed skin and the scents of summer… from the moment they're opened, the three stars of the Dior Bronze range immediately evokes thoughts of the beach. Applied before each sunbathing session, Beautifying Protective Oil Sublime Glow SPF 15 helps to protect the face, body and hair from UVA damage (which leads to skin ageing), UVB damage (manifesting as sunburn), and drying out. Its non-greasy and pearlized texture coats skin with an imperceptible, iridescent layer. The shimmering effect is paired with a scent inspired by Tahitian monoï: coconut and tiaré flower oils are mixed with a bouquet of white and exotic kaupé flowers. Moisturizing and boasting natural active ingredients, Beautifying Protective Milky Mist Sublime Glow SPF 30 stimulates tanning and prolongs the results after your vacation has ended. Refreshing to apply, the milk offers a uniform, imperceptible application upon the surface of the skin and promotes an even and intense tan. Lastly, the Beautifying Protective Creme Sublime Glow SPF 30 and SPF 50 are light, luscious and delicately perfumed with Dior monoï, contributing to protecting the skin from the appearance of photo-induced dark spots and signs of ageing.

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