23 August
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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming seen by François Demachy

François Demachy, Dior's exclusive perfumer-creator, shares the secrets of what makes Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming a delicious and delectable fragrance.

22 August
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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming : la fragrance

With Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, François Demachy, Dior’s exclusive perfumer-creator, has produced a fragrance with a deliciously floral composition.

A little, a lot ... Absolutely! The name of the new fragrance conceived by François Demachy sounds like a passionate exclamation. The House’s perfumer-creator set out to transcribe this mantra for a vibrant and irresistible personality into scented form. "Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a composition for a happy woman, a woman who loves life," he says.

A feeling of immediate attraction and a floral bouquet full of freshness give Blooming Bouquet its signature. But Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming sets itself apart from its perfumed sister with its singular ability to seduce with utter relish. Top notes of red fruits, raspberry, pomegranate and blackcurrant enhanced with pink berries have a charm that instantly seizes the senses, in the manner of a devastating smile. Its heart is formed of flowers with sensual notes: a peony accord interlaced with damask and Grasse roses, and buoyed by a base of white musks that ultimately envelop the entire composition. "Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming offers itself up immediately,” explains François Demachy. “It is a gorgeous gift to be embraced without hesitation.”

21 August
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Natalie Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of the Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming campaign in which Natalie Portman embodies a playful and sexy Miss Dior in a Parisian apartment. 

20 August
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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Miss Dior writes a new page in its story with a new floral composition created by François Demachy, Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, embodied by the actress Natalie Portman.

The Miss Dior muse for the past five years, Natalie Portman encapsulates the warm and passionate femininity of this new fragrance created by François Demachy in a campaign shot by Tim Walker, one of her favorite photographers. She is the picture of seductive nonchalance, recognizable as the same young woman from last year’s film advert who made a dash for freedom on her wedding day. Sexy with an impertinent streak, we meet her in a Paris apartment, where she revels in her liberated character, playing with her perfume bottle and her haute couture dress before turning to face the camera with a mirthful look: "Absolutely!”

19 August

La Colle Noire: Focus on François Demachy

Dior’s exclusive perfumer-creator has a very special attachment to the Grasse region where the Château de la Colle Noire is situated. He owes the world capital of perfumer his vocation as a perfumer, his inspiration and the exceptional flowers with which he composes the Dior perfumes.

François Demachy grew up only a few kilometers from La Colle Noire, in Grasse, the French cradle of perfumery. There, his pharmacist father manufactured an eau de Cologne elegantly baptized “Eau de Grasse Impériale”, the streets wafted with the scent of rose and jasmine, the air was charged with the subtly melded smells wafting from the surrounding flower-filled fields. It is in this environment of olfactory profusion that the vocation of the future "nose" and his passion for flowers were born. "A Grasse education results in a commitment to natural products, because the majority of perfumers have spent time in the factories where the products are transformed,” says François Demachy. “At a very young age we were introduced to the wonders that this region’s generous nature provides. This has a lasting impact.” As a teenager in Grasse, he began learning everything about the craft of perfumery by working during his school holidays, discovering the composition of fragrances: his vocation was born.

Since 2006, as Dior’s exclusive perfumer-creator, François Demachy has produced all the House’s fragrances. With Christian Dior, he shares his love of flowers, his passion for exceptional raw materials, and a specific vision of perfume. But also, and especially, he shares the same attachment to the region in which the Château de la Colle Noire is to be found: “I knew it when I was a child because we used to go swimming in the Lac de Saint-Cassien which is nearby. What’s more, we didn't call it La Colle Noire, but rather the ‘Château Dior’! Which is proof that his imprint remained in the area," he recalls, before concluding: “What’s undeniable is that Christian Dior planted whole fields of flowers and trees with an idea of large-scale production. One can be certain that if he had lived, the centifolia roses, Grandiflorum jasmine and fields of lavender at La Colle Noire would have been destined for Dior fragrances."

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