31 August

French kiss

In a flamboyant red photo booth, the actress Natalie Portman, sporting messy hair and a steady gaze, seduces with a kiss of intense color. Check back tomorrow to discover the new Rouge Dior campaign.




26 August
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The Lucky Dior Rings

The bee, lily-of-the-valley, four-leaf clover, the rose, star, and oval – in recognition of Christian Dior’s superstitions, the Lucky Dior signet rings come decorated with House emblems to be worn solo or in multiples, becoming lucky charms in their own right. We explore their significance.

The bee.  "A small hive filled to bursting, that's what my house was like when I presented my first collection," Christian Dior wrote in his memoirs. This metaphor for the ateliers at 30 Avenue Montaigne also evokes the activity of the seamstresses who were given the nickname of bees. Meticulous and ever-busy, they worked for the designer like a swarm. The little black and yellow insect, in a modernized and refined embroidery, is the insignia of the Dior Homme collections. Today, the bee is set into the signet ring, contrasting with a deep black onyx that brings strength and vitality.

The lily-of-the-valley.  Highly superstitious, Christian Dior loved the lily-of-the-valley, a symbol of happiness that heralded the arrival of spring and the haute couture. Entranced by its scent and its feminine blooms, he used to sew a dried sprig into the hem of each of his dresses. This flower, which can be found embroidered on House creations, delicately decorates the signet’s love-bringing pale rose quartz.

The clover.  The four-leaf clover was with Monsieur Dior every day in the cluster of charms that he kept in his pocket. Inseparable from this good-luck symbol, the designer attached considerable importance to talismans that guided his destiny. As an amulet, the clover is adorned with a green stone, amazonite, inspiring confidence.

The rose.  A gentle souvenir of his childhood garden at Granville, the rose evokes the love that Christian Dior had for his mother who inspired in him his taste for flowers and feminine elegance. On the signet ring, the rose is finely drawn on a navy blue lapis that offers wisdom.

The star.  Like a sign of fate, the couturier chanced upon a star laying on the ground at the time he was readying to take the decision that would change the course of his life. Christian Dior interpreted this find as a spiritual aid that inspired him to follow his path and open his own couture house. Kept as a lucky charm in his atelier, here it is paired with tiger eye, a protective and radiant brown stone.

The oval.  Fascinated by the elegance of the 18th century, Monsieur Dior bought medallion-back chairs to seat the guests at his shows. Today the emblematic oval topped with a Fontanges bow is a House code. Feminine and sensual, it decorates both boutiques and perfume bottles. On this jewel, it is matched with the elegant plum of fluorite to provide protection and harmony.

The initials.  The Dior signature, the initials "CD" are stamped into a comforting bright red coral. The ring can thus be worn as an emblem of the House.

24 August
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From Grasse With Love

Follow the muse Natalie Portman to the Domaine de Manon, as she sets out to discover the rose fields of Grasse, from picking the flowers to chatting with François Demachy.

Text: The Grasse rose, selected by François Demachy for its honeyed and peppery facets is a subtle nod to the origins of Miss Dior, as it was the landscape of Provence that proved the inspiration to Christian Dior for this, his first perfume. A great lover of the Côte d’Azur since long before founding his House, Christian Dior frequently went there to visit his sister who grew flowers for perfume at Callian. Then, after acquiring the Château de la Colle Noire in 1951, Christian Dior created a garden bursting with scent, filled with almond trees, centifolia roses, olive trees and jasmine. Today, the Grasse roses have been replanted on the Colle Noire estate, in tribute to the couturier-perfumer. In addition, François Demachy is preserving the essence of this noble bloom by carefully selecting the best plantations in the area, and specially reserving their harvests for Dior perfumes. In doing so, he's perpetuating Monsieur Dior’s tradition and cementing the connection between the House and Grasse.

23 August
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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming seen by François Demachy

François Demachy, Dior's exclusive perfumer-creator, shares the secrets of what makes Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming a delicious and delectable fragrance.

22 August
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Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming : la fragrance

With Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, François Demachy, Dior’s exclusive perfumer-creator, has produced a fragrance with a deliciously floral composition.

A little, a lot ... Absolutely! The name of the new fragrance conceived by François Demachy sounds like a passionate exclamation. The House’s perfumer-creator set out to transcribe this mantra for a vibrant and irresistible personality into scented form. "Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming is a composition for a happy woman, a woman who loves life," he says.

A feeling of immediate attraction and a floral bouquet full of freshness give Blooming Bouquet its signature. But Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming sets itself apart from its perfumed sister with its singular ability to seduce with utter relish. Top notes of red fruits, raspberry, pomegranate and blackcurrant enhanced with pink berries have a charm that instantly seizes the senses, in the manner of a devastating smile. Its heart is formed of flowers with sensual notes: a peony accord interlaced with damask and Grasse roses, and buoyed by a base of white musks that ultimately envelop the entire composition. "Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming offers itself up immediately,” explains François Demachy. “It is a gorgeous gift to be embraced without hesitation.”

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