13 February
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A Bigger Splash

The House has collaborated with the director Luca Guadagnino on the film A Bigger Splash, a blistering tragedy, in which Marianne Lane, a rock star played by Tilda Swinton, wears a number of timeless Dior outfits.

© Jack English

Marianne Lane, a convalescing rock star, and her partner are enjoying the hedonistic bliss of life on the island of Pantelleria when Marianne’s highly-extroverted former lover, Harry, accompanied by his teenage daughter, burst in on their peaceful Eden. It's not long before the quartet that starts metaphorically playing with fire, reopening the wounds of old betrayals, paving the way for a slowly building tragedy. This sun-drenched film bears traces of Bertolucci: the transformative summer of Sleeping Beauty or the couples playing cruel and sophisticated games in Last Tango in Paris and The Sheltering Sky. Tilda Swinton skilfully embodies a kind of female David Bowie figure going through a metamorphosis, temporarily mute after an operation, transitioning from a rock star life to the death-knell status of icon. She's dressed in two Dior jumpsuits in flashbacks, a zippered black one in the recording studio and another in sequinned stripes in front of a screaming crowd. On the island, she seeks anonymity behind her DiorSoReal sunglasses. Her new life, again still in Dior, leads towards a pure minimalism, less androgynous, but always with a telling twist, such as knotted shirts, or pared down, perfect white dresses with bared backs, as if to reveal her flaws. The movie’s big surprise is Ralph Fiennes, who triumphs in his comic role, as an unbearable but quite touching music producer, trying to resolve and realign his past, his music, his love affairs and his life in a manic juggling act under a sweltering sun.




A Bigger Splash, a film by Luca Guadagnino. Starring: Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Matthias Schoenaerts and Dakota Johnson.

Currently in cinemas in Italy and the U.K.

Released in France on 6 April, and premiering in the US from 13 May. 

13 February

Dior Homme Boutique in Kuala Lumpur

A few days ago, a new Dior Homme boutique bowed in the Malaysian capital’s Suria KLCC Mall, at the foot of the vertiginous Petronas Towers. We invite you to take a look around.

A pared-down architecture provides the ideal framework to highlight the lines, colors and materials of the latest Dior Homme ready-to-wear and leather goods collections. The long matte black façade opens into a large window. Inside, the iconic Dior Homme colors of black, white and gray dominate, fused with a mixture of simple, rectangular and octagonal forms. The materials were chosen for their qualities: polished stainless steel for its mirrored properties that interact with the space, wood for its warmth and leather for his masculine associations.

12 February


Sixty-nine years ago to the day Christian Dior stunned the world and fashion when he presented his first haute couture collection – the lines Corolle and En 8 – as well as his first perfume, Miss Dior. We take a look back.

Dior souhaite un joyeux anniversaire au New Look

Pat English

12 February 1947. It was the close of the fashion show season. And the thermometer in Paris that morning read -6°C. Yet by half-past ten the salons and the grand staircase of 30 Avenue Montaigne were packed with people. Jean Cocteau and Christian Bérard, the couturier's friends, were in attendance, along with a great number of fashion professionals. Liters of Miss Dior were vaporized into the air of the flower-filled setting. Christian Dior was not only showing his spring-summer collection, he was also presenting his first fragrance.

Among the six models, the honor of opening the show fell to Marie-Thérèse. Inspired by the form of flowers, the collection accentuated feminine curves, not unlike the silhouettes associated with the Belle Epoque. With names such as Acacias, Amour, Bali, Bonheur, the succession of eighty-nine looks swished and swirled to thunderous applause. Christian Dior put his hands over his ears, unable to believe the reaction. Shimmering colors made their way onto sunray pleats and the famous Jungle print, the panther motif that would become one of the House codes. Something magical was happening. And success would be immediate. The Bar jacket, with a skirt boasting almost six meters of fabric and an ecru jacket with rounded shoulders, whittled waist and padded hips, became the very symbol of the New Look. This expression uttered by Carmel Snow, Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief, went global. In one fell swoop the couturier made the square-shouldered post-war look obsolete by revolutionizing the image of women. In step with the undercurrent of his time, he was advocating and championing a return to the art of pleasure, and to happiness.

09 February
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Stranger in a room

After the images, now it's time to discover the summer 2016 campaign video, directed by Willy Vanderperre. The Dior-wearing men embodied by Oliver Sim, Alain-Fabien Delon, Rinus Van de Velde and Victor Nylander are filmed to the soundtrack of “Stranger in a Room” by Jamie XX, one of the members of the group The XX, which also counts Oliver Sim as a founding member.

08 February
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The Dior Homme

Summer 2016 Campaign Images

We brought you the news a few weeks ago. And now today it's finally time to discover the images from the new Dior Homme summer 2016 campaign, marking a new season of collaboration between Creative Director Kris Van Assche and the photographer Willy Vanderperre.

Their names are Oliver Sim, Alain-Fabien Delon, Rinus Van de Velde and Victor Nylander. They are, respectively, singer and lyricist, actor, artist and model. This season, photographer Willy Vanderperre hasn't chosen to feature one single Dior man, but a diversity of Dior men, possessing their own personalities and differences. “Charismatic, and each with his own distinct individuality, they break the rules of menswear while still respecting its traditions. They inhabit a contemporary and creative world. These are the men who, as we see it, today embody something of that unique Dior Homme spirit,” explains Kris Van Assche. 

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