02nd September
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Sauvage: The Film

Here’s what you've been waiting for – the campaign film for the new fragrance Sauvage, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, as it follows Johnny Depp on his search for authenticity in the American desert.

Nighttime in Los Angeles. Riffs from an electric guitar ring out like haunting cries, in this original soundtrack by Ry Cooder, collaborating musician with the Rolling Stones and producer of the legendary album Buena Vista Social Club. On the guitar is Johnny Depp, his eyes hidden behind dark glasses, his hands covered in rings, wearing the personal jewelry he’s never seen without. This is the Johnny Depp we know, with that utterly unique allure, with that aura equal parts mysterious and rock’n’roll. None of this is coincidental, for the campaign, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, was conceived expressly with him, as though it were an autobiography.

On a night illuminated by the lights of the city, he strums with an energetic frenzy, a level almost approaching rage. That rage bubbles over into a desire to go find a sense of raw realness away from the urban world. Answering the call of the road, Johnny Depp sets out, heading in the direction of the open west, a place where nature is the law of the land. A coyote stands on the roof of his car, a buzzard circles, a bison passes by – these signs are to be interpreted as invitations for a return to the basics, to encourage the mask of artificiality to fall. Directly into the desert sands he buries charms and trinkets, ridding himself of the superfluous in a ceremonial act. The film ends at sunset as he reveals his true face, an unapologetically masculine man, but in touch with his deepest emotions. Authentic and noble. Untamed, but Dior.

31st August
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The AL13.6 glasses exhibit sartorial-inspired architectural form, an aesthetic captured in the looks created by Kris Van Assche for the Dior Homme winter 2015-2016 collection.

Dior Homme AL 13.6 Sunglasses

A new eyewear model makes its debut, with a sense of urgent energy emanating from its sharp curves. The  AL13.6 glasses define the idea of unexpected elegance, inspired by the Dior Homme winter 2015-2016 collection by Kris Van Assche, as they act as both timeless accessory and emblematic element. The AL13 line is revisited in aluminum, giving it a matte and light aspect.  The signature ‘scar’ motif, a Dior Homme visual code, is inset onto the double bridge and the arms.

31st August
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Paris XVIe

Discover actor Boyd Holbrook on a promenade around Paris in the video for the new Dior Homme Winter 2015-2016 campaign, filmed by Willy Vanderperre.

It all starts in a garden setting. With fresh flowers in his hand, dried petals shaped into a boutonniere, a man is taking a stroll. Actor Boyd Holbrook is the face revealed in Paris XVI, an atmospheric film shot by Willy Vanderperre for the new Dior Homme Winter 2015-2016 campaign. From an Haussmannian apartment, to illuminated signs, a café terrace, the eye follows the discovery of a diverse city, in which an evening jacket with tails and a coat with sartorial spirit celebrate a singular elegance, to the lyrics of "Elle et Moi"by Max Berlin.

31st August
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Dior Homme winter 2015

Before checking out the video of the Dior Homme winter 2015 collection, designed by Kris Van Assche, take a moment to discover the actor Boyd Holbrook’s subversive elegance in a series of photos by Willy Vanderperre that capture an intimate mood. 

28th August
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Controlled Spin-out

After Los Angeles, the new fragrance Sauvage takes us out on the road, and deep into the American desert. You’ll have to wait just that bit longer to discover the film in its entirety – next Wednesday, to be exact. 

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