27.11 GUEST



Radiant and seductive, luminous and sensual: such is the fragrance J’adore . And in Charlize Theron, the striking beauty that she is, the legendary perfume found the woman to embody it to perfection.

Amid the gold of Versailles, surrounded by the splendor of the Hall of Mirrors, she appears radiant, a veritable apparition. Charlize moves beneath the crystal chandeliers, suffused with light and glowing with beauty. Her feminine figure, the jeweled dress that clothes her as though her body was set with gold, her halo of fiery blondness: everything about her recalls the fragrance's luminous sensuality. What better icon to embody J’adore  than this shining star in the Hollywood firmament? Throughout campaigns directed by some of the biggest names, such as Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Jean-Jacques Annaud, she conveys her conception of the J’adore  woman: "She is self-confident, she's sexy, but she also has a vulnerable side. For me, she's a woman following her own instincts,"  the actress explains.

The J’adore  muse for the past ten years, Charlize Theron embodies the eternal youth and sensuality of this Dior perfume which saw the light of day at the dawn of the third millennium. "It's amazing to be representing a house that pays such extraordinary homage to femininity,"  she enthuses. A brilliant Oscar-winning actress, a genuine global star, she expresses a femininity as radiant as gold, elegant as haute couture, and infinitely sensual.