Frosted walls, stalactites of plants and blocks of ice: the brand new ephemeral Dior store in Courchevel is home to the house's women's collections until April 10, in a dreamlike atmosphere shrouded in snow.

It's a winter garden hidden away in the heart of the Alps, a  captivating cocoon of twinkling silver and gold. Subtly metallic, the wooden walls look like they've been shrouded with a precious frost; in the center of the store, just like a skillfully architectural block of ice, an installation of mirrors and silver wall panels reflects the accessory, timepiece and jewelry collections. Further on we find the resort 2014 collection, in a smoky mirror-lined setting, inspired by the decoration of Raf Simons' fashion shows for Dior. There, cascading from the ceiling like a paper snowfall, lush foliage sprouts white leaves. This poetic vegetation, which gives the boutique the feeling of a garden in winter, is the work of the artist collective Wanda, which already decorated the Dior Joaillerie store on Paris' Place Vendôme, and reinterpreted the Lady Dior  bag in the Lady Dior As Seen By  traveling exhibition.

In the windows too, their paper tendrils erupt in cascades, falling in immaculate stalactites among the colorful dresses, or winding among Victoire de Castellane's jewelry creations. In this setting of snowy and icy tones, dresses, shoes and jewels appear in dazzling shades. Three bags tricked out in bright hues serve to particularly draw the eye: created specially for the boutique by the Dior artisans, the one-offs revisit the iconic Lady Dior  and Diorissimo  in an ultra precious crocodile incarnation. Three-color versions in bright pink, midnight blue and beige, or bicolor in red and sable, these exceptional pieces contrast with the store's white decor, paying homage to Monsieur Dior's love of color.