At age 40, Eva Herzigova is the new face of Capture Totale.

90/60/92: the ideal ratio, etched in gilt letters onto her name. She is Eva Herzigova, inextricably associated with her perfect proportions, maintaining her place at the zenith of supermodels, defining a level of beauty that belongs to no more than a handful of women in the world. Those golden girls of the 90s can still wow when they take to the runway, and the tales of their meteoric rise to superstardom would make even Cinderella seethe. Propelled to Paris by a model contest in Prague at the age of 16, Eva and her gorgeous face would prove an internationally unstoppable force. A glamorous icon, she's regularly compared to Marilyn Monroe, but Eva views things in a more realistic manner.  "Beauty isn't enough on its own; you need to have something more than just that,"   she claims, and her aspirations go farther than the tip of her perfect nose. She's not just an image - desirable though that image may be - she's a woman in possession of both a stunning body and a love of learning (she speaks five languages fluently), and soon to be an actress. Her take is that while  "you can't be a model at 60, you can definitely be an actress."   Eva played Olga Khokhlova, Picasso's wife, in the movie  Modigliani , then delved into the world of underground cinema with the French director Gaspar Noé.

In 2011, she appeared in the Duran Duran video for  Girl Panic!   alongside her superstar sorority. It all amounts to measured steps in the world of cinema, giving her the opportunity to develop her own voice and persona, and to extend herself beyond her beauty.  "Being passionate about something makes a woman more powerful, and gives her a very special strength,"   she says. Eva herself admits that having  "a twenty-year career as a model is a miracle" . For twenty years the world has been looking at Eva, and she's still that same tall, blonde, healthy-looking, smiling, ever-young woman. Whether sporting scarlet lips or make-up free, sequined gown or bohemian chiffon, she appears to be the poster girl for living well, seizing the moment and attaining ones ambitions. Her unceasing beauty seems to suggest a woman who laughs in the face of the passing of time. If the Capture Total line was a woman, it would be Eva.