As Baselworld, the World Watch and Jewelry Show in Basel, draws to a close today, DiorMag brings you some of the timepieces unveiled by the house.

They, naturally, were all there, the house icons of horology: the Dior VIII , the D  de Dior , the Chiffre Rouge . But in order to celebrate the world's biggest watch fair, they had all been dressed in new finery, even more innovative and precious.
And so, while the Dior VIII  still maintains its structured allure, and its graphic and elegant silhouette, it's now covered in rose gold, for the very first time in its history. It's always been gracious, the rotor over its dial dancing in sync with the wearer's movements, and now it's even more delicate, embellished with rose gold and fawn-colored feathers on its "Dior Inversé" caliber in the Grand Bal  version; and even more exceptional still, being set with tsavorite garnet baguettes - one of the most difficult forms to cut. 

The Chiffre Rouge  model continues to embody the masculine world of Dior, and reinforced its association with the producer Zenith with a limited edition of the C 03 housing its Elite 691 caliber boasting a phase of the moon. Lastly, the D  de Dior,  conserves its 1970s -inspired geometry and further turns to the decade for its pop look and acid colors: in the 19mm version, it's mounted on a bracelet of yellow, pink or fluorescent orange patent leather.
Since the beginning, Dior has always danced a three-time waltz: the time of the material, the time of the hand and the time of the spirit. It's from this that the world of Dior timepieces was born, a world of multiple times. That of the mechanical and the incomparable precision of the Swiss workshops. That of creativity, of heritage and of aesthetics.