DiorMag unveiled them yesterday: Les Extraits Dior  are an ode to the most beautiful raw materials and to the finest perfumer-making. Examples of the virtuosity that exalts the philosophy that makes Dior a unique perfume house.  

They're delicate paper cases stamped with the Dior name, and under their covers are to be found bottles with the allure of precious miniatures. Much more than a fragrance, what Les Extraits Dior  contains is a perfumer's philosophy: a Dior spirit that shines through in the smallest detail, that permeates the perfume in every stage of its production, from its creation to the meticulous choice of raw materials, from the art of bottling to the delicacy of the packaging. 

This philosophy as a watchword for excellence has been part of the House for the longest time. Since the 12 February 1947 to be precise. On the day Christian Dior presented his very first fragrance at the same time as his very first collection he defined himself as a couturier-perfumer, suggesting that haute couture and haute parfumerie were two facets of the same femininity, governed by the same standards of French luxury. 

Today it's François Demachy, Dior's exclusive perfumer-creator, who perpetuates the couturier-perfumer's unique heritage, through his embodiment of the House's creative activity. Between them, the similarities are striking. Just as the couturier compared his dresses to feats of complex architecture, François Demachy explains his own creative process: "A perfume is constructed in the same way one builds a monument: there's a base, there's a structure, and then comes the decoration. " And, for both of these creators, this exacting work can only occur once inspiration has struck. "I am contemplative, I let myself get carried away,"  the perfumer-creator admits. 

But even more than their shared traits, it's at the place they have in common that their personalities converge. That place is Grasse, the home of haute parfumerie, situated in the south of France. It's there, at La Colle Noire, that Christian Dior settled in 1951 to grow his beloved roses; and it's also there that François Demachy grew up and learned to get to know and understand flowers. It's there, too, where roses and jasmine - signature flowers in the House's perfumes - are cultivated on lands carefully selected for the passion of their growers and the unmatched quality of their production. And so ultimately it's there, in the flower fields, under the southern French sun, that the unique story of Dior perfumes begins.