With the launch of Elixirs Précieux  about which we spoke yesterday, discover the tradition of the perfumed oil that inspired Dior's creation.

We have to go back to the fourth millennium before the modern era to retrace the history of perfumed oil. It was in Persia, during this era, that it was invented. Perfume, initially reserved for sacred use, has been employed since time immemorial for religious and funereal ceremonies as an offering to the gods, creating a tangible link between heaven and earth. It has progressively, over the ages, made its way into the everyday, becoming a symbol of seduction or, sometimes, a means of asserting power. Among the oldest forms that perfume assumes, oil holds a special status: it allows for the extraction and retaining of the scent molecules of a great number of raw materials, flowers in particular. Still in everyday use in many cultures, perfumed oil provides a deep and lasting scent. Its olfactive properties as well as its gestural aspects, as delicate as they are ancestral, inspired Dior in its Elixirs Précieux. 

This collection of four perfumed oils - Rose , Oud , Ambre  and Musc  - is a deep concentration of pure raw materials of the highest quality. With this exclusive collection the house is delivering a modern and original interpretation of "layering", a method of perfume application originating in the Middle East. Created in order to complement the emblematic fragrances from the Collection Privée Christian Dior,  the Elixirs Précieux also serve to rethink the way in which we perfume ourselves. Through its infinite number of possible combinations, it offers the promise of a unique scent, one that's yours alone.