Five iconic perfumes, five incomparable scents: Les Extraits Dior  reinvent in miniature form the House's emblematic fragrances, in an exceptional edition. 

Their names are Miss Dior  and Miss Dior Original , Diorissimo , Poison  and J’adore . Their scents? They exude an aura of the sensuality of women everywhere, whether playful young women or femmes fatales, seductresses or whimsical and bubbly. Their bottles? Resolutely couture, they're instantly recognizable with their feminine lines, with the elegant bow they sport at their neck, with their allure of forbidden fruit, or with the golden necklace that sets them off. 

Today, François Demachy, the House's exclusive perfumer-creator, revisits these five iconic fragrances with the Extraits Dior . Inherited from the haute parfumerie  tradition, the perfume extract is an extremely purified expression of a fragrance; it necessitates an exemplary composition and the greatest raw materials. Cultivated with the greatest care on the best estates and harvested by hand, the flowers used in Dior perfumes are transformed into opulent and voluptuous absolutes or a lively and delicate essence. Three thousand roses are necessary to obtain a single kilogram of essence. And it's from these precious and rare raw materials that  François Demachy has composed the Extraits Dior . "The extract is the olfactive idea enhanced by the note, " he explains. "It's the perfume's pure, principal note." 

Around a heart of May rose absolute can be found, in turn, the sensual bouquet of J’adore , in which ylang-ylang from the Comoros and sambac jasmine absolute dominate. Then there's the revolutionary green chypre of Miss Dior Original , the House's very first fragrance, unveiled in 1947 at the same time as the first show, which transmits its essence of Indonesian patchouli and its notes of oak moss. The floral chypre of Miss Dior , its contemporary alter ego, is a fusion of orange flower absolute and absolute of Egyptian jasmine. The legendary fragrance Diorissimo  boasts a lily-of-the-valley note composed of ylang-ylang essence and jasmine absolute. Lastly, there's the powerfully spicy scent of Poison , where May rose absolute caresses the sensual notes of coriander, vanilla and tuberose.