It's a palace enshrouded in gold and snow, where the splendor of the architecture melds with a luxury that's all Dior. As we approach Christmas, DiorMag invites you to rediscover the magic of Dior beauty with a stroll around a Versailles of dreams.

We are in the depths of winter. On an icy-cold night a marble palace appears asleep. Is it a dream? Suddenly, the snow seems to melt away with a subtle streak of gold and everything comes to life. Past the heavy golden gate, under a long peristyle where a romantic queen gets lost in thought, the gilded casings of the Diorific  lipstick - that precious pillar of a woman's beauty routine - mingle with the marble columns. In the French-style gardens in which this royal residence is to be found, the harmonious symmetry of the flower beds evokes the delicate composition of the five-color Golden Flower  and Golden Snow  palettes. In the middle of the plantings, lipsticks, powders and nail varnishes come alive before our very eyes in a gracious ballet, dancing just like the enchanting fountains of Versailles. And these box hedges clipped into amphoras, might they conceal the iconic bottle of J’adore l’Or ? And do those glass pots, whose gleam lights up the groves, contain precious Dior Prestige  skincare within?

As we proceed to get lost, the mazes of this fantastical castle reveal their 18th-century magnificence and refinement, evoking the Trianon where Marie-Antoinette went to find refuge away from the court, and where Christian Dior drew inspiration for his creations. And just like this exquisite location for the legendary queen, the Dior perfumes, skincare and make-up are pure products of French savoir-faire. A luxury specially created for women, lighting up their beauty once more on New Year's Eve.