Tuesday evening, Red Square hummed for the house of Dior. It was the first time that a fashion show took place here and it was, of course, a Dior fashion show.

One side: the Kremlin. Opposite: GUM, the opulent Muscovite shopping gallery that's feting one hundred and twenty years this year. On the third side: the Cathedral of St. Basil. And in the center of this fabled Red Square, a wholly mirrored box reflecting these three Moscow landmarks, the same mirrored box that could be found in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris for the Dior ready-to-wear show in March. The decor, but also the collection and some of the house's star models, also made the trip (read our report ). Another mirror: the interior of GUM, for an exhibition retracing the journey that the house of Dior took to Moscow in 1959, filled with enormous silver balls throughout the nave of the grand arcade, endlessly reflecting the photographs from that time. And the final mirror: those same balloons as show decor, and also in the event room behind, where Bryan Ferry gave an exclusive concert for the occasion, performing some of his own hits as well as other British rock classics.

Everything was about reflecting, as evidence by the multiplicity of mirrored surfaces. And so this fashion show was a reflection of the one in March; and the event itself made reference to the one of 1959. But these reflections aren't carbon copies, rather a stream of influences and inspirations. In the same way that the codes so dear to Monsieur Dior are to be found everywhere in the collections that Raf Simons is designing for the house today (houndstooth, the bow, art, red - and now also Red Square), reinterpreted in a modern manner. The French actress Louise Bourgoin, supermodel Natalia Vodianova, and a whole litany of Moscow personalities attended, paying simultaneous homage to the house's past and its present.