Already the House's star fragrance, Dior Addict is now being released as an Eau de Toilette. Discover the campaign video, part voyage of discovery, part poetic reverie.  

It's a dreamy wander, a hallucinatory dive into the heart of a world where the senses are awakened, where the Dior femininity is in bloom, high on happiness and youth. The Dior Addict Eau de Toilette campaign, shot by Harmony Korine and Ryan Mc Ginley, exalts all the facets of this new fragrance: bursting with freshness and vivacity, it's elegant and sensual, and utterly joyous and uplifting.  The new face of Dior Addict, model Sasha Luss takes us to a chateau that could have come straight from Wonderland - in this case, an elegant and contemporary "wonDiorland".  Barefoot and simply draped in a floral Dior dress, she guides us into a surreal world, a place saturated with color, where every sensation is magnified. We follow her addictive scent into the mirror through which she passes as it leads her into a fantastical garden, a couture jungle that recalls the decor of the spring-summer fashion show by Raf Simons for Dior. Carried along by an overwhelming feeling of joy, by a carefree liveliness, over the course of her journey she explores extraordinary visions in heightened dreams, tapping into the essence of her femininity.  

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