DiorMag invites you to discover the brand new dior.com website. This version bursting with visuals and texts is viewed the way one peruses the pages of an ultra luxurious magazine, letting oneself be guided step by step on a journey to the heart of the house.

30 Avenue Montaigne is a legendary address: the one where, unchanged since the founding of the house in 1947, the ateliers, the design studio and the first Dior boutique can all be found. Similarly, the site address www.Dior.com remains the same. But as we pass through the pages of this new version, moving from section to section, over the course of the collections, from article to video, the visit to the site becomes an experience in itself, an aesthetic and inspiring stroll into the heart of the Dior universe. We discover it from the opening page, the starting point of a promenade offering to let us explore the nooks and crannies of the house at our own rhythm, by choosing a universe (fashion and accessories, fragrance and beauty, jewelry and timepieces), or letting ourselves be guided by the front page and its news items, historical anecdotes and the freshest new arrivals. And so each page we visit becomes an invitation to explore; to the extent that as we unfold our exploration we dive a little deeper into the mysteries of the Dior world. A veritable guided tour that brings us in turn into the house's ateliers, backstage at the shows, onto the set of a photo shoot, inviting us to look a little more closely at the details of a bag, letting our eyes wander over the photographs, real fashion stories in which to find inspiration, before stopping at the "Editor's Choice", a pick of favorite creations with ultra luxurious allure. 

The enjoyment of the visit is prolonged with the new section "The Story of Dior", which offers a trip through time, in the footsteps of Christian Dior. From archival images to anecdotes, we follow the couturier from the house at Granville in which he spent his childhood, to his triumph with the revolution that was the New Look , via his passion for flowers and his love of art. And why not finish the journey with a dose of beauty, strolling through the Dior exhibitions? In the section devoted to them, one can view the works on show, get to know the themes they're addressing. In order to see more, another visit is necessary: one to 30 Avenue Montaigne and to all those places where, all over the world, the couturier's memory is more alive than ever, wafting from each perfume bottle, palpable in each item of clothing and in every one of the house's creations.