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To present the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire , in which she plays the lead, Jennifer Lawrence chose to wear Dior haute couture dresses. We take a look at a two-week international tour, marked by the elegance of this star in Dior.

It's the story of a young woman who, through great bravery, becomes her people's only hope. This young woman is Katniss Everdeen, and she's played on the big screen by Jennifer Lawrence in the film series The Hunger Games . After winning these "hunger games" - fight-to-the-death contests in a post-apocalyptic America - Katniss became the symbol and the great savior of her district. In this second installment, the young woman takes up arms again for a new edition of the games, fighting as much for her own survival as for the freedom of her people. On screen, Jennifer Lawrence perfectly captures the strength and courage of youth. At only age twenty three, and already the recipient of an Oscar for Best Actress, the young woman has become a major figure in the world of cinema.

And it's this star assurance and radiant youthfulness that shine through whenever the actress appears on the red carpet. In a multicolor-embroidered white silk dress for the London film premiere and embroidered sky-blue cotton guipure coat in Berlin, in a navy blue silk strapless dress in Madrid and a vanilla silk evening dress in Rome, in a black silk top with matching pleated skirt in Paris, in a gray knitted evening gown in Los Angeles or a black wool jacket over a pink and green knit bra Wednesday evening in New York, Jennifer Lawrence is the pure incarnation of Hollywood glamour and the elegance of the Dior woman.