The Dior Homme  men's scent makes its appearance as a Cologne. To mark the event, DiorMag looks back on the origins of eau de Cologne and its history in the house of Dior.

The trail of its invention leads back to precisely 1695, and supposedly to Giovanni Paolo Feminis, an Italian living in Cologne, Germany, who gave this new olfactive composition the name of his adopted city. Ever since its creation, Eau de Cologne has been a citrus scent, admired for its fresh and light notes of rosemary, lemon balm, bergamot, neroli, citron and lemon. But beyond its olfactory refinement, it was its medicinal virtues that, at the time, found the most favor. Bracing, reinvigorating and curative, eau de Cologne – having quickly become an essential of daily life - was thus prescribed by doctors. In the 19th century, it cemented its place as a grand classic of perfumery. Throughout the following century, Eau de Cologne would inspire perfumers, with each coming up with their very own version. Christian Dior was one of these and in 1953, with the perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, created the very first unisex scent in the history of perfumery. It was a Cologne, and given the name  Eau Fraîche . Worn by Christian Dior himself, the light and dynamic fragrance was dreamt up in harmony with the fashion of the time: chiffons, cotton fabrics, chic sportswear styles.

Its success was immediate, and since then the house of Dior has never stopped producing Colognes and other perfumed eaux. In 1966  Eau Sauvage   was born, the house's first fragrance uniquely for men, with its own reinterpretation of the citrus notes of the Cologne. Next would come  Bois d’Argent, Eau Noire   and  Cologne Blanche , three masculine Colognes from the  Collection Privée , created in 2004.
Today, François Demachy, the house's perfumer-creator, has modernized it further still, making with  Dior Homme Cologne   an energetic and pure composition whose top notes - of Calabrian bergamot - herald a heart of grapefruit flower and white musks. The airy and subtle fragrance, like olfactive cotton shirting, can be worn at all times, like a second skin.