A new chapter in the Dior Homme  story starts today with Robert Pattinson playing the leading role. Here, on DiorMag, we bring you the fragrance's brand new film advert directed by Romain Gavras.

He's in perpetual motion, running towards freedom, navigating the tightrope of an ever-changing life. The Dior man is fearless, embracing the unknown, playing with his own destiny. He has no regrets, his life is unapologetically his own, and he fits a thousand lives into his single one. Magnetic, sensual and provocative, the Dior man possesses the same traits as Robert Pattinson. Because the actor, like the character he embodies, has already lived several lives: as a youngster he played piano and guitar, was in a band and dreamed of being a musician. Next, he began treading the boards and taking on the kind of roles that would catapult him to icon status: the conflicted heartthrob vampire of Twilight  fame, of course, but also the veterinarian of the film Water for Elephants , and the golden boy of Cosmopolis . And now his path crosses that of the Dior Homme  fragrance. Together, they revisit the fragrance's identity, opening it to new horizons through the camera of the director Romain Gavras.

Known for both his full-length films and his striking music videos for the likes of Justice, M.I.A and Jay-Z, the son of film maker Costa-Gavras recounts a story here that's edgy and energetic. A story in which the black-and-white images segue into each other in a shimmering, powdery, grain-filtered gray, where the camera captures the headlong rush of two soul mates living out a modern love  in the throes of youth. Attracting and electrifying each other, they write their carefree, tumultuous love story, living for the moment, seeking out sensations, diving fully-dressed into a swimming pool, shocking the public at a straight-laced ball. Their tale is unique but nonetheless universal and timeless. Whether on a deserted beach or the rooftops of New York, whatever the destination, the Dior man relishes the pleasures of whichever life he's chosen for himself - a life of a thousand possibilities.