The new fine jewelry collection dreamt up by Victoire de Castellane is inspired by the costume jewelry with which Monsieur Dior bedecked his models, and pays homage to an era of elegance and delicacy: that of Christian Dior.

Joyous and appetizing, classic and exuberant, for Victoire de Castellane stones possess a taste all their own. They're voluminous and scrumptious, colorful and crunchy, and they're the heroines of this precious tale. It's a tale beginning in Monsieur Dior's own time when, at his fashion shows, he adorned the necks and wrists of his models with rhinestone necklaces and pearl bracelets. Today, with the Dear Dior   collection, the Dior Joaillerie creative director reinvents these couture costume jewels through the skilled work of master fine jewelry-makers. She who " loves to play with colors  " has designed earrings, bracelets and rings (" because you can see them on yourself without needing a mirror ") set with flamboyant colored stones. Diamonds, opals and sapphires mix together in a medley of carat weight and volumes. As has always been the case at Dior Joaillerie, that famous creative imagination comes coupled with exceptional expertise.

An example of this lies on the back of each jewel on which is an exact reproduction of the lace used in couture dresses by Monsieur Dior himself between 1947 and 1957. It's a technical and aesthetic feat only made possible by the goldsmithing and jewelry-making virtuosity of some of Paris' greatest craftspeople. Victoire de Castellane's magic is to make each jewel alive and mysterious, a treasure that's the distillation of refinement and perfection. Dior Joaillerie succeeds in making the visible invisible. And this collection is an ode to the stones, an homage to their natural grace and delicacy.  Dear Dior , like a love letter addressed to Monsieur Dior.  Dear Dior . Dear jewels. Jeweled dears.