A narrow waist, feminine curves, a classic elegance - the brand-new bag from the house of Dior could have been designed by Christian Dior himself. Its name? DiorBar, in homage to the eponymous jacket, designed by the couturier in 1947 and the emblem of the 'New Look'.

It was to be worn from morning through cocktail hour, the latter being the time of the day that inspired Christian Dior to design the Bar   jacket - given this name as the jacket was conceived for late-afternoon when a woman might go to a grand hotel bar to sip a cocktail.
Its rounded lines and slim silhouette reflected the defined waists of the couturier's flower-women. Everything in the DiorBar   bag recalls the history of Dior.  
Sensual and dynamic, soft but structured, the house's newest bag is created in the image of Raf Simons' aesthetic, making its appearance at his very first ready-to-wear collection for Dior: its transformability - two jeweled closures allow for the opening and closing of its wings - is a nod to the game of optical illusions played out in looks where dresses morph into jackets or are sliced open over shorts.

Its feminine colors and precious materials – in powder pink, shocking red - recall the sparkling draping of the dresses designed by the creative director. Modern and sophisticated, the fruit of the savoir-faire of the best leatherwork artisans, the DiorBar   bag links the house's history to its present, its heritage and its new horizons. Cinched by its gilded pearls, the side of the bag forms a figure-of-eight, a number whose curves both draw the outline of the 'New Look' silhouette and symbolize infinity. Infinitely Dior.