With its daring composition pairing woody and floral notes, the fragrance Dior Homme  has expressed a masculinity all its own since its creation in 2005. With the rolling out of a brand new ad campaign underway, François Demachy, Dior's perfumer-creator, sat down with DiorMag.

What is the olfactive identity of Dior Homme  ? 

The house's men's scents have the originality of containing floral notes. Dior Homme  has continued this rather daring tradition with a woody-spicy composition, with the distinctive characteristic of being led by a Tuscan iris absolute. The composition of Dior Homme  is unique because it manages to marry together contrasting olfactive worlds. Its iris-accented floral aspect remains "manly", underwritten by a woody, masculine base.

In the fragrance's advertising campaign the hero lives his life by defying convention. In what way does the composition reflect this rebellious personality?   

Dior Homme  is a fragrance that resembles nothing else. When it was first released the sensory shock was immediate. It's a fragrance that succeeded in defining an exclusive territory, something that the house of Dior has always done. Its sensuality is immediate, reinventing what constitutes masculine notes by defying the conventions of perfume making. Dior Homme  really forged a new path in the world of men's scent. Today, the strength of its composition has made it an arresting classic.

How did you work up the fragrance's masculine nature? What is the "manliness" that you mentioned that Dior Homme  is exploring?    

It's a manliness that avoids clichés. Dior Homme  has multiple facets, playing with the idea of duality. It has a nonchalant sophistication, and an elegance that's sharp without being overly polished, leaving an unmistakable signature in its scented wake without being invasive. It has a highly precise identity, expressed by a certain unostentatious level of refinement. It's a scent in the image of a contemporary man who defines his elegance in plural terms. Dior Homme  is a fragrance that encourages freedom.