He launches himself, liberated and nonchalant. The Dior man as embodied by Robert Pattinson in the film 1000 Lives  by Romain Gavras moves to the rushed rhythm of a race, ever faster and stronger. Might one perhaps suggest elusive or intangible? DiorMag offers you the opportunity to see him again, but this time discovering exclusive scenes in which the sensual and daring man in Dior reveals himself that little bit more.

He possesses the manliness of a woody note and the sensuality of iris, the power of spices and the subtle sophistication of amber. Like the Dior Homme  perfume that scents his presence, Robert Pattinson has a thousand faces and lives a thousand lives in one. It's to illustrate these multiple identities that the director Romain Gavras chose to create a film in which the different scenes and situations segue, like a pulsing and energetic music video. DiorMag invites you now to discover the longer, more intimate and more intense version of one of the scenes from the original film. It's one of the seven additional scenes that can be found in their entirety on the site diorhommeparfum.com . While watching the original version of 1000 Lives , one can choose to focus on one of them. Appearing on the screen after a jump to black and white, as though the reel had been changed to explore each moment in greater depth, each is a story in itself.

It's the novel of a modern love in which a man and a woman meet in an elevator and yield to an irresistible attraction. It's the chronicle of a society ball at which a couple's insolent youthfulness shakes up all conventions. It's a dreamy road movie on a windswept beach. And, lastly, it's the poetry of moments seized on the wing: the emotion held in a hug, a fully-dressed dive into a pool, the chic of a piano. Exclusive scenes to watch, explore and share; a cluster of stolen moments immortalizing the elegance of a man in Dior.