Like a look from a fashion show, the Miss Dior   perfume bottle has always followed the lines of Christian Dior's couture.

"Perfume is the feminine personality's indispensable accessory, it's the finishing touch to a dress. " If he could have, Christian Dior would have created a fragrance for each one of his dresses. For him, a perfume was like a piece of fabric, invisible obviously, but instantly recognizable. A veritable fashion accessory, it complements and completes a look.  Miss Dior , his first perfume, his fragrance manifesto, is a clear expression of his desire to synchronize the lines of his couture with the allure of his perfumery.
In 1947, Christian Dior unveiled his 'New Look' and the first  Miss Dior   bottle, a ringed amphora in transparent glass. With its rounded curves and narrow neck, the silhouette directly references the outline of a figure-of-eight: the shape of the bottle wholly recalls the flower-women of the 'New Look', their pert busts and cinched waists. The flacon evolved in 1949, and while the amphora still boasts feminine curves, its rings have gone and the glass comes in three colors - blue, white and red, like an homage to perfumery's French origins.

"I created a perfume to wrap every woman in glorious femininity, as though each of my dresses was emerging from the bottle, one by one ," Christian Dior stated of  Miss Dior . In 1950, when the couturier came up with his "Verticale line", he totally redesigned the fragrance flacon in order to harmonize the straight, architectural lines as closely as possible.
"Cut like a tailored suit ", the bottle reappeared with geometric and sober lines, in a form that would remain unaltered. Decorated with a bow-tie, its glass engraved with a houndstooth motif, the bottle distilled some of the house's most recognizable codes, espousing the mood of elegant gorgeousness so associated with Dior fashion. Today, at age sixty-six,  Miss Dior   has maintained her figure. And if the bow-tie at her neck has morphed into a gentler form, her glass - engraved with the check so beloved of Monsieur Dior - still contains all the freshness and vitality of eternal youth.