They were by turns romantic and seductive, sweet and intoxicating, but ever elegant! All those Misses in Dior from 30 Avenue Montaigne are captured in the image of the Miss Dior  perfume, and their personalities have never ceased to inspire the house.

February 1947: at 30 Avenue Montaigne, the final touches are being put to preparations for Christian Dior's first fashion show. Under the roofs, in the ateliers, the seamstresses are fitting dresses to models, while in the salons the couturier is listening to the opinions of the four women who make up his "central command" , as he himself describes it. The grand mansion buzzes with the comings and goings of these busy women,  these inspiring and dedicated Misses, investing the house with its uniquely special spirit.
On that day, Monsieur Dior, deep in thought, is searching for a name that will prove suitable for the fragrance that will scent the salons during the fashion show. He throws out one name after the other: none of them seems right, none of them manage to entirely capture the elegant youthfulness embodied by the fragrance. As usual it's Mitzah Bricard, the couturier's veritable muse, who's advising him. She's wearing the leopard-print scarf around her wrist as always, and pacing the carpeted salon in search of inspiration when she notices Catherine Dior, the couturier's sister.

As is her style, this romantic and gentle young woman has entered the room without making a noise, hoping to see her beloved brother. "Look, here's Miss Dior!"  Mitzah Bricard exclaims. Miss Dior … The couturier's face suddenly lights up: that's it, the name of his perfume. A tribute,  and an expression of the personalities of the women who inspired it. More than sixty years after its creation, the house's first perfume has found a new muse in Natalie Portman. The sensuality of its chypre notes evokes a timeless elegance: that of the actress and of the many Misses who have marked the history of the house at 30 Avenue Montaigne.