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Yesterday, in Tokyo, the house of Dior unveiled the new face of its iconic lipstick  Rouge Dior.   Feminine, driven and passionate, only she could lend her name to this evocatively named make-up product.

At the age of 12, under Luc Besson's direction in  Leon , she was Mathilda, a vulnerable young girl determined to avenge the murder of her family. Next she was the majestic Queen Amidala in  Star Wars  : Fighting for the freedom of her kingdom. Then she gave a searing performance as the young revolutionary Evey in  V for Vendetta   as well as a memorable turn playing the jilted wife of Henry the VIII in  The Other Boleyn Girl . And of course she was Nina, the lauded and tortured star dancer in  Black Swan .

It was a role that brought her that most coveted of awards, the Oscar for Best Actress in 2011, for which she threw herself into classical dance, in order to better capture the passion that drives her character. This element of passion is the common thread that runs through her films, as she has always chosen to play women with ideals, dreams and eccentricities. Passion : an evocative word that guides her choices as an actress and a muse. Natalie Portman is now the new face of  Rouge Dior   - a lipstick the color of passion.