Inspired by Christian Dior's childhood and the garden of his house at Granville, this little Christmas tale stars the brand new necklace from the "Précieuses" collection, at which you're getting a sneak peek here.

Nothing stirred on the Granville cliffs that night. At the foot of the rocks, the sea had ceased its endless rolling. Its dense and calm body rested on a bed stretching to infinity. Along the coastline, the trees had stopped being buffeted by the winds, their leaves stilled and solidly attached to their icy branches. It was cold that night. Time seemed frozen, suspended from the light breeze blowing its wintry kiss.
At the top of the cliff, a pink-colored house stood guard over the sleeping world. In its garden the frost had traced flower petals with glittering patterns. On pansies, rose and clovers, frozen drops sparkled like a stream of precious stones. 
Nothing stirred that night. Nothing and no one, except for the little boy who waited, patiently, for the snow to fall.

In his pink house, he remained wide awake. His candle lit, he looked to the horizon and its clouds filled with snowy promise. He waited, and waited, and, suddenly... a snowflake. Then two, then three. The sky was laying out its most beautiful finery, letting its diamonds spill to earth.
Captivated, the little boy ran out into the garden to try to gather up these jewels falling from the heavens, the frozen grass crackling beneath his excited footsteps. And, bending over, he reached down to the emerald green clover twinkling in the dark. If it has four leaves, he told himself, it will be the good luck omen that tells me I will one day be a couturier.