Flower-embroidered running shoes, pastel pumps and discreet jewels: the accessories of the spring-summer 2014 haute couture show expressed that same gracious lightness as the clothes Raf Simons designed.

She's a woman of today, sophisticated but contemporary, delicate but energetic, a flower-woman in perpetual motion. It's not hard to imagine her kicking off her glamorous evening shoes to slip into a pair of sneakers and jump off the runway, unfettered, free to run and to dance all night long.
These shoes express the dynamism of a woman endlessly moving from one kind of life to another. Sneakers given feminine curves, and delicately embroidered with beads or fabric flowers bring to her couture look a relaxed and radically modern feel. Her insouciance comes through in everything she wears, in every one of her accessories. They're the discreet signature of a woman who lets nothing hold her back. The fine chain encircling her neck and wound between her fingers looks like a ribbon jewel that she whipped on as she dashed out the door.

Standing on the high heels of her silvery brogues, with their strap wrapped around the top of her calves in the manner of a gentle form of armor, she has the futuristic allure of a conquerer out to seduce. Lastly, it's her delicate sensuality that one catches sight of when she moves in pumps of blush pink, sea green or sky blue: in these pastel shades, the shoes hug her leg like a garter, subtly blurring the line between clothing and lingerie, between the Dior woman's outward couture splendor, and the intimacy at which she hints.