From show to show, Raf Simons continues to assert his vision of the Dior woman, opening up new horizons for her, melding the past and the future of the house at 30 Avenue Montaigne.  

Exploring the Dior spirit, its essence and its soul, in order to express the quintessence of its art: such has been Raf Simons' ambition since his arrival at the house at 30 Avenue Montaigne. Ever since his first couture show in July 2012, the creative director of women's wear has created a dialogue between the house's history and its future; and, in his hands, a new horizon is opening up, illuminated by the aura of his intuitively Dior creations. Raf Simons is writing a new kind of reality, one without boundaries,"a space in flux, where everything seems possible ", according to him. His fashion is a play on past and future, and he looked to Christian Dior for the primary ground rule: to celebrate women, heightening their femininity and their beauty. When inspired by the house's iconic creations it's in order to better interpret them and to give a new sense of modernity to those eternal styles: the Bar jacket, that Dior icon par excellence , thus becomes a roomy jacket that wraps snugly beneath the bust; flowers, so beloved of Christian Dior, bloom in pop bouquets on the outfits and fall from the fluorescent foliage of the show's stunning set; the lantern dresses, first designed for fall-winter 1959, are color-blocked in bright hues. 

It's in the finale that this new Dior look can be most clearly seen: to close the show the models changed their outfits, reappearing in a manifesto of the emblematic Dior silhouette as re-examined and reinvented by Raf Simons since his arrival. Whether in a dress or a suit, this "group of unique women, a new and different tribe composed of women both sophisticated and untamed ," expresses a shared allure with waist cinched and bust proud; a look that celebrates the Dior woman and establishes a sense of modernity that nods to the one that pulsed through the salons of 30 Avenue Montaigne, one certain 12 February in 1947.