For their fifth collaboration, Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche and the photographer Willy Vanderperre have produced a campaign that sets the stage for the fall-winter 2013-2014 collection. DiorMag unveils the images here, before bringing you the film tomorrow.

It's a silent dialogue between the past and the future, between a place charged with history and the futuristic looks that inhabit it. For the campaign 'The Players', Kris Van Assche and Willy Vanderperre devised their vision of the future and invented a fantasy world in which the Dior men would give off the air of young officers getting ready to set off on a voyage into space. But for Dior Homme's creative director, though the future may be near, it can only be created by using elements from the past. And so the men he's dressing look like pilots 2.0, but their departure lounge has the classic decor of a traditional gentlemen's club with its woodwork and leather chairs.

And it's this that serves to encapsulate the whole collection: the classic from the Dior men's wardrobe are there (sharp black suits, slim lines and monochrome), but they've been rethought in a modern way to dress a strong, athletic silhouette. As a result, the campaign is a reflection of this atmosphere suspended between two eras. "When we began our collaboration, Kris really wanted to express different levels of understanding of each collection, increasing the viewpoints depending on the audience. Right from the start, our way of approaching the campaigns has been quite revolutionary," explains Willy Vanderperre.