Just like the autumn-winter 2014-2015 haute couture collection from the house of Dior, the show accessories were a clever mix of genres and eras.  

Part cosmonauts, part ladies of the 18th-century royal court, drawn from eras both distant and very near, the Dior women conceived of by Raf Simons express their modernity in the smallest details of their accessories, where centuries past and future seem to collide. From their time traveling they've brought jewels of antique and futuristic inspiration, which they pair or mix according to their creative whims. Accessories halfway between evening finery and technical instruments, and shoes that are a mélange of genres and colors.   

And so the jewels that adorn them are like extensions of their looks, where the gala outfit and the technical overalls are one and the same. Framing the face, the mismatched earrings - cut-glass drops on one side, futuristic silvered metal hoops on the other - mirror the personality of these women playing fast and loose with inspirations and eras. Around their wrists they've stacked an accumulation of silvery bangles dangling enameled rings to create a colorful galaxy, while a jeweled belt of metal decorated with disks, like a cosmonaut's control box, defines the waist.

In undertaking their time-space conquest these explores were shod with the most feminine shoes imaginable. The choice ranged from pointed pumps revisited with graphic cut-outs to pared-down curving short boots, taking them toward new horizons of elegance. In these utterly timeless creations, simultaneously classic and contemporary, the colors clash just like the eras do, in black, electric blue, bright red, lemon yellow, or in the dégradés where black and turquoise, orange and pale pink, red and fuchsia fade together.