Bursting with color, the silk squares in the "Les Histoires de Monsieur Dior" collection are veritable paintings in fabric. Discover the savoir-faire that gives rise to these exceptional scarves, made in Italy in the purest tradition. 

It's not far from Lake Como, in the northern reaches of Italy, that the Dior silk square scarves are made. As though nothing had changed since the era of Marco Polo, this is still the destination for greige, dun and naturally off-white silk from China, where the combination of ideal growing weather and millenia-old savoir-faire guarantee an exceptional quality. And it's in Como, in ateliers filled with dozens of looms, that this sumptuous raw material becomes a silky twill ready to be transformed into a scarf.
For the next step in production, it's the turn of the colorists: leafing through an enormous color book they look for the perfect shade for each detail of the motif. A Dior silk square might contain as many as forty-eight shades in total, and it's precisely this abundance that makes the creation of the scarves such a long and meticulous process, as the virgin silk is colored according to the traditional screen-printing technique, which ensures a level of exceptional precision when it comes to line and vivid color. A frame engraved with the motif to be printed is specially created for each shade. The ink is then applied through it, like a stencil, and, as the piece of silk moves from one frame to another, the motif and the subtle tones of the silk start to appear, the result of the successive superimposition of layers of color.

After this complex procedure - which necessitates fifteen hours of work - the colors are fixed using steam. Then the printed silk is washed, with any surplus ink being rinsed away, before being dipped in a starchy bath, specially dosed to obtain the ideal aspect and touch - the "hand" - sought by the Dior designers. Lastly, with consummate and finely-honed skill, the workers carry out the "rolling", folding the edge of the scarf back on itself before sewing it. Bursting with color and delicately silky, the square scarves are ready for delivery, set to take their place around the necks of women all over the world.