This past Monday in New York, Raf Simons was recognized for his work for the house of Dior when he received the International Prize from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, one of the fashion world's most prestigious accolades. We exclusively bring you the retrospective video shown during the event, and invite you to relive the evening's best moments.

As stories go, this one is only two years old. On April 9, 2012, as you learned here, Raf Simons became the sixth creative director of women's wear for the house of Dior. That's two years ago already. But in those two years the designer has succeeded in reclaiming and putting his own stamp on the unique heritage of Christian Dior. From his first collection, Raf Simons has been reinventing its codes, perpetuating its spirit. Each of the looks he conceives strikes a subtle balance between his own personal vision and the House's immutable soul, giving life to an endlessly reinvented and always contemporary Dior woman.

It was all these designs and all these Dior women born of the unique talent and creative daring of Raf Simons that the Council of Fashion Designers of America was acknowledging Monday. Of all of Raf Simons' creations for Dior, those that best illustrate his talent in revisiting the couturier's heritage are those referring to the Bar  jacket. Recreated, revisited, constantly transformed, it's there season after season. These are contemporary riffs on the original design whose peplums, soft shoulders and whittled waist take on an urban allure. It's also subtly alluded to, as when one can pick out the suit designed by Christian Dior in 1947 in the sensual lines of a dress or the timeless elegance of a silhouette. 

Monday night, in New York, it was this creativity that was being celebrated. After the presentation of the award, all that New York terms celebrities, and all that the fashion world calls icons and leading talents came together for an after-party under the stars, surrounded by glowing skyscrapers. There, on the roof of the Standard Hotel, partygoers rubbed shoulders with Raf Simons and Dior-wearing stars like Marion Cotillard and Laura Love whose elegance served to show off the designer's work all the better.