As an invitation to succumb to a spiraling of the senses, captured in a spellbinding film, discover today the new women's fragrance Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum. 

She's an untouchable beauty, a seductive and intoxicating flower-woman, wholly captivating. In a fluttering of veils she dances, revealing her sensual curves through a clever game of sheer and opaque. Is this woman real or a fantasy, a dream or an apparition? Already barely visible, the enigmatic beauty evades our gaze and disappears into a purple whirlwind, in a ripple of silk for all the world like a poisonous flower. All that remains is her perfume - voluptuous, enchanting, and utterly irresistible with its warm, oriental notes. The sultry fragrance that this seductress has left in her wake is an intense and illicitly sensual composition. "I conceived of   Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum to celebrate difference, not to be boastful,"  explains its creator François Demachy. "Its honeyed aspect speaks of the mouth, of addiction. It's a 'full-bodied' perfume, filled with curves." 

By revisiting the signature of the Poison  perfumes, the house's exclusive perfumer-creator has delivered a deliciously richer fragrance, in which the oriental facet has been greatly heightened: Sambac jasmine and orange flower absolutes, tonka bean, vanilla and licorice grasp the senses with breathtaking power and boldness. 
"It's a play on absolutes, on their naturalness and their density," François Demachy clarifies. In its sensual and sophisticated bottle, its neck tied with a strip of leather fixed with a wax seal, inspired by the traditional signature of Dior haute parfumerie, Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum  offers itself to the senses like the most irresistible kind of forbidden fruit.