It's the supreme icon of the house of Dior, an everyday companion imbued with a chic and timeless allure. The Lady Dior carries inside it the story of a magical meeting with a princess who gave it its name and changed the course of its life.

Since birth, it's known it was different. Down to its very skin, marked with a cannage motif inspired by chairs in the Napoleon III style, it sensed that life held in store for it a different destiny, one that would be both glorious and royal. And with reason, for it can boast so much: the glow of its precious skin, the light from its gilded eponymous charms spelling "D.I.O.R.", its sophisticated allure and feminine lines. Since birth it was certain of one thing: it was a bag that would go down in history. It was right in believing in its royal destiny. But even in its wildest dreams it could never have imagined anything better than meeting the most elegant of princesses.

It could never have dreamt a better ambassadress than Diana, Princess of Wales (forever lovingly known in continental Europe as Lady Diana). It was she who decided to carry it on her arm when it was still an unknown, she who introduced it to the world, she who gave it its name.
Today, the Lady Dior is proud to have had faith in its lucky star; ever since it was born it's always known that one day it would become a bag of legend.