With the carnival about to get underway in Rio de Janeiro, your DiorMag is available in Portuguese starting from today. It provides the perfect opportunity to take a look at the special relationship Brazil has always enjoyed with the house of Dior, one that the world of the carnival continues to inspire.

"Parties are desirable, necessary, important if they can transmit the taste and the sense of authentic popular festivities," Christian Dior wrote in his autobiography. Whether for the people at large or for high society, they never ceased to fascinate him. Ever since his childhood spent in Granville, he was passionate about carnivals, their gaudy costumes and joyful atmosphere, making his brothers' and sisters' costumes for the event. When he became a couturier this taste for parties was still very much with him.   It was just after the end of the Second World War, and Europe celebrated the return of its untrammeled spirit with balls of stunning splendor. Christian Dior took part with great delight, not only as a guest, but also as a costume designer, producing for his fellow guests costumes that were the apogee of luxury and creativity. In his collections, the colorful evening dresses, designed to twirl to the rhythm of the dance, were a veritable invitation to the party and the epitome of joie de vivre.

Passionate about carnivals, captivated by the bright and energizing colors, Christian Dior had a particular fascination with Brazil, which inspired a number of his creations -- such as Brésil , the gala gown embroidered in mother-of-pearl, São Paulo  with its coffee bean print, and Soirée à Rio  which proudly boasted the country's national colors. Over the years the links that unite Dior to Brazil have continued to be strengthened, with the house organizing fashion shows there in 1961 and 1971. Last year, Dior's first Brazilian boutique opened its doors, and the Lady Dior As Seen By  traveling exhibition stopped off in São Paulo, turning the spotlight on the work of contemporary artists Brígida Baltar, Laerte Ramos and Tunga. And it's with great pleasure that Dior writes a new page today in this exciting story right here on DiorMag, which is now available in Portuguese.