We brought you the news yesterday: Peter Philips has joined the house of Dior as Creative and Image Director of Make-up. A colorful new era dawns.

"Black and white could be enough, but why deprive oneself of color?"  Christian Dior pondered in his memoirs. Dior is color. That of the dresses firstly, since the debut haute couture collection, on 12 February 1947. Pinks and reds principally, colors bursting with life and sensuality, but also blues and greens. For Christian Dior, who sought to definitively turn the page on the dark years of war and rationing, color was the symbol of the triumphant return of femininity and joie de vivre. Harmoniously paired or strongly contrasting, the colors brought their boldness to the house's creations. From collection to collection, the couturier's palette was enriched with new tones to which he enjoyed giving poetic names: from"Titian brown" to "Trianon gray", via "Vermeer blue", "blush pink" and "royal red" , each color had a highly evocative identity for a powerful emotional effect. And then in 1949 came the first lipsticks, with the first proper collection of them in 1953.

This was Rouge Dior  - eight different shades "for every skin tone, every color, every fabric, every hour."  From that point onward, color at Dior became a true art, where for the first time in the history of make-up the shades were conceived as actual collections. This daring colorama has found its home on the skin, in bright touches on lips and eyelids, subtly natural as foundation, or lacquered on nails. Over the seasons, the shades used for Dior beauty are reinvented to continually bring new nuances to women's faces, shades inspired as much by the couturier's favorite colors as by the house's audacious contemporary creations. From the most intense red, Christian Dior's favorite color and the "color of life"  as he saw it, to the subtlest shades of pink, "the softest of colors" , Dior beauty has been lighting up women's lives for over sixty years.