Yesterday, we unveiled the brand new watch campaign starring the new creations Dior VIII Montaigne  and Dior VIII Grand Bal.  Today, discover the secrets behind the making of these timepieces. 

With their couture allure and elaborate movement in the purest horological tradition, Dior VIII Montaigne  and Dior VIII Grand Bal  were born of the coming together of the House’s Paris studios and Swiss savoir-faire.  As with the haute couture collections, it’s in the ateliers of Avenue Montaigne that everything begins. There, the designers are continually revisiting the heritage of Christian Dior, drawing inspiration from the most emblematic designs, breathing the spirit of couture into their sketches of future watches, before choosing the stones that will adorn their eventual creation.
Then it’s to the cradle of Swiss watchmaking where, in the Dior ateliers at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the sketches are transformed into timepieces. In order to develop the exclusive Dior Inversé caliber, which can be found on the Dior VIII Grand Bal  models – with a functional openwork rotor, stone-set and placed in front of the dial, evoking the airy grace of a swirling ball gown – a total of eighteen months of research was necessary. Covered in mother-of-pearl, each rotor requires the assured and gentle intervention of the craftsman who manufactures them entirely by hand. 

The making of the straps also involves a great level of precision. For the models in steel or rose gold, with their highly characteristic pyramid-shaped motifs, several steps of molding, machine working and stamping are necessary, before the pieces are polished one by one with the same great care with which they were put together. When it comes to alligator straps, only the most beautiful skins are selected and meticulously mounted by hand. Now is the moment of assembly, in which the different elements come together to make the watch the Dior designers had imagined: the watchmaking craftsman fixes the mother-of-pearl or brushed silver dial over the movement, before attaching the hands and placing the whole into the case, to which the strap is then attached. Subjected to two hundred and twenty different tests in order to ensure their impeccable quality, these timepieces are now ready to grace the wrists of women all over the world.