Yesterday afternoon, Kris Van Assche showed his Dior Homme summer 2015 collection at the Tennis Club de Paris. The report.

A breath of contemporary air blew through the Dior Homme summer 2015 collection by Kris Van Assche, a gust of air transporting us to the seaside. On a pale parquet floor accented with colored boards that transformed it into a highly original work, an elegant man strode out in a sharply-cut midnight blue suit. Throughout the show, the Dior Homme look was freed up and relaxed; with hands in pockets, the Dior man was getting ready to leave the bustle of the city for the calm of his house in the south of France where his artist friends awaited him. For next summer, Kris Van Assche revisits the classics in a man's wardrobe with a contemporary vision informed by the call of the sea and its nautical spirit. Alternately clad in a lemon yellow raincoat, a red canvas parka, a striped tank under a jacket or a single-breasted yellow cashmere coat, his look is jolted with prints of initials and a quote from Christian Dior: "Traditions have to be maintained so they can be passed on to future generations. In troubled times like ours, we must maintain these traditions which are our luxury and the flower of our civilisation." 

The sea air seems to bring out the artistic soul in the Dior man. Color appears as loose brushwork, almost in Naïf style, on a cotton shirt or pale jeans, lines of embroidery that are sometimes white, sometimes colored, decorate a jean jacket, or highlight and break up the perfect geometry of the pinstripes on a suit.

On the invitation could be found a quote by the painter Paul Klee - "one eye sees, the other feels"  - one of this collection's other inspirations, a binary code between traditions and modernity, between city and sea. It's a synergy that never ceased to inspire Christian Dior in his own time when he used to go to unwind at his estate of La Colle Noire. And it continues continues today with Kris Van Assche in his summer 2015 collection shown yesterday before an audience that included actors Ansel Elgort and Ryuhei Matsuda, as well as the model Candice Swanepoel.