Porcelain complexion, pastel eyelids and delicious pink cheeks: discover Trianon, the spring 2014 beauty look, which takes its inspiration from the colorful Versailles of the Queen Marie-Antoinette given a contemporary spin.

An intimate setting, concealed inside the vast Versailles parkland; a refuge where, far from court life, she was free to dream among the roses in her garden or to gather her friends together for an improvised party in her plush salons decorated in pastel tones. The Trianon estate was molded in the image of Marie-Antoinette: of a royal refinement, it bears the daring newness and freshness of youth.
Paying homage to the elegance of this 18th century so beloved of Christian Dior, and to Versailles which endlessly inspired him, Dior beauty invites the elegant women of today on a promenade to the heart of the young queen's private domain, with theTrianon  look. In Corail Bagatelle or Pink Rêverie, cheeks are colored the most audacious of tones, recalling the blusher that graced the faces of the most prominent ladies at court.

On the eyes, Pastel Fontanges and Pink Pompadour spread out in a halo of delicate and pop color, finding an echo in lips tinted with Allégresse, Rose Crinoline, Courtisane red or a simple light sweep of Mousseline gloss. Lastly, the subtle tones of Perlé and Porcelaine varnish evoke on nails the delicacy of barely-opened blossoms. The essentials of this springtime color story are brought together in the Palette Trianon , in a metallic case in the style of a couture pochette, inspired by the Fontanges bow.