In anticipation of Monday and its haute couture show, today we're bringing you the first collection for fall by Raf Simons for Dior, photographed by Thomas Lohr in the house's couture ateliers.

The house's classics are unavoidably there, from the Bar   suit to the houndstooth weave and flowers. But now they've been totally reinvented through the modern vision of Raf Simons who, since his first haute couture collection last July, has continued to explore the codes of the house and the world it encompasses, giving a new identity, season after season, to the Dior woman. This fall, he's dressing her in black, white and gray - sober tones for cuts that are anything but classic. Being wider, they give the body the freedom to adopt a more natural, easy allure. Trousers are worn extra-wide or else ultra-fitted, under dresses. The latter are asymmetric, shorter at the front or with fabric pulled to one side; they come with pockets, the evening versions, too. 

For this fall collection, Raf Simons picks up some details from the couture, mixing materials (some drawn from menswear), playing with layering of colors and motifs (houndstooth and Prince of Wales check, black and white), and adding a dash of daring (a sleeveless suit jacket worn with an asymmetric evening dress). Even if this is the first collection he's designed for Dior that hasn't been presented in a show, it's no less coherent than the preceding pair, with its own new direction for the Dior woman. And, with it, she's natural, sophisticated and resolutely modern.