Just like the clothing in the collection, the accessories from the spring-summer 2014 fashion show also play with the boundaries of the imagination, sketching out a new reality, one in which the flower-women adorn themselves with the treasures of a modern world.

They encircle the neck, following the curve 'til they release into the line of the décolleté; they wrap around the wrist and fall against the hand in precious sparkling fringe. The necklaces and bracelets of summer 2014 grace the outfits with a new kind of adornment, inspired by the world Raf Simons created for Dior, one in which real and fake, reality and the imaginary correspond. The jewels appear to echo the wisteria of the show set: clusters of beads in honey, emerald and rose bud pink shades caress the skin with twinkling cascades. In this new world nature is slowly reclaiming its rightful place and the flower-women who bloom there are adapting to an existence in perpetual motion.

And so the shoes they're wearing encase the foot in a lattice of twisting vines, among which sometimes a few blossoming flowers can be spotted. Similarly, the leathers of the Lady Dior  bags, the clutches and the bucket bags transform into shades such as python yellow, crocodile green, beetle brown. In this urban jungle, the Dior-wearing women express a new femininity, inspired by a dreamworld, frontierless and in flux.