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They've captured the hearts of celebrities and appeared on the covers of the biggest magazines: the Mise en Dior   earrings, designed by Camille Miceli, creative director of accessories, are making their mark everywhere with an asymmetric and atypical allure all their own.

It's unique - but even good things sometimes come in pairs. With an air of easy simplicity, the Mise en Dior   earring carries off chic asymmetry with its two poured glass pearls of different sizes. So, even though it's the little pearl that's placed on the front of the ear, it's the bigger pearl, peeking out from behind the lobe, that steals the show. Whether in a jade or opaline, a ruby or a sapphire shade, the earring responds to all whims, worn as a single color block or mismatched.

Be it strong or delicate, subtle or intense, it adapts to all tastes and all styles, and has already lit up some of the most famous faces, from Jennifer Lawrence to Natalia Vodianova.

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