With the Lady Dior As Seen By exhibition bowing in Milan today, the Via Montenapoleone store unveils its brand new incarnation.

Modern, elegant, luminous, it's been created in the very image of the house itself. After an extensive make-over, the Milan boutique, at Via Montenapoleone 12, reveals its newly renovated and enlarged location. And even though it may be Italian, it nevertheless remains profoundly Parisian, faithful to the spirit Christian Dior himself sought to convey with his first store, on Avenue Montaigne. Its walls, painted Trianon gray, are set off with moldings, the setting decorated with silk velvet curtains and sculptures. But all of that was given a resolutely contemporary injection by architect Peter Marino, with the store taking the house codes and giving them a modern translation through works of art from some of the biggest names on the international art scene. At the entrance, where handbags and leather goods are located, a bench, whose outline is taken from the shape of ginko leaves, was created by Claude Lalanne.

Upstairs, the tables in the women's wear area are one-off works by Hubert Legall and Willy Rizzo, the sculpture in the VIP area by Martin Kline. At the boutique's heart, light is omnipresent, from the mirrored columns and their lighted retro moldings leading to the fine jewelry and watches areas, to the moving mural of projected videos by the artist Yoram Mevorach Oyoram, such as can also be found in the Paris flagship store on Avenue Montaigne. In Milan, at number 12 Via Montenapoleone, heritage and modernity cohabit, interact and compose a space of extraordinary timelessness. 

Dior Boutique – Milan
Via Montenapoleone 12,