08.01 ВСЕ О DIOR



For twenty-five years, Capture Totale skincare has consistently revolutionized science. Today, its new formula targets new cells with unequalled powers of renewal.

In 2008, Dior scientists identified epidermal stem cells, present in the skin's upper layer, and their effect on wrinkles, firmness and healthy skin glow. These stem cells – the rarest and most precious – have thus been harnessed for their role in epidermal cell regeneration.  
Today, Dior's innovation has identified for the first time a whole new kind of stem cell, deeper than the previous ones: hypodermic stem cells. They are the origin of biological seams, chains of cell connectors linking the different skin layers. They play an incomparable role: when stimulated, they serve to create the density and structure of the links they make up, giving skin its suppleness and tone. It's in precisely this manner that  Capture Totale   works. 

Composed of a new complex formulated with longoza – a plant whose active ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, essential for the dermis – the cream restructures skin at its deepest by strengthening its biological seams. And so it's from the inside that  Capture Totale   – with seven scientific patents – acts, and how it causes faces to glow with beauty. More than a cream, more than a skincare product, Capture Totale   is the promise of beauty at its most profound.

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