11.04 ВСЕ О DIOR



Dior Addict Gloss is inspired by Christian Dior's passion for color, and offers twenty-four new shades for living every day in technicolor !

"Colors are wonderful and glamorizing - but they must be used with care,"   Christian Dior wrote in his  Little Dictionary of Fashion . So how does one go about choosing them ? Dior Addict Gloss does the work for you, syncing with your outfit, your whimsies, and your inspiration for the day. In a  Diablotine   or  Princess  mood, feeling more  Délice   or  Spring Ball   ? Or maybe more  Coquette, Fascinante   or  Excentrique   ?   Pairing ones lips with ones personality: it's the game of  mix and match   launched by Dior Addict Gloss !

Tyen, creative director of Dior make-up and a master of color, is responsible for the range's twenty-four shades: from youthful pink to passionate red, from kitschy coral to pearlized peach, the colors pop, sparkle and twinkle on the mouth. On couture lips adorned with thesur-mesureshine, the color does it all, and in three dimensions: it lights up lips with pearlized subtlety, makes its glisten with mirror glossiness, and colors it with a satiny veil. Your mouth is luscious and fresh, kissed with lip-licking syrupy color.