18.02 ВСЕ О DIOR



Discover the story behind the name of the couturier's first perfume.

Miss Dior  : and what we hear contained in those two words is a wealth of British elegance and youthful vitality. It's also a signature name containing the family name of the master, the couturier-perfumer who created it for young women everywhere. Two words in which the essence of the house is concentrated. Miss Dior   is a virtual landmark. And yet, a few hours before Christian Dior's first haute couture show, for which he had generously sprayed the salons with his first fragrance,  Miss Dior   still didn't actually have a name. A thousand words went through Christian Dior's head - but which to choose? Mitzah Bricard paced up and down. She was his muse, his paragon of elegance, the rock on whom he could depend. Passing in front of the imposing mirror over the marble fireplace, she stopped for a moment, her Nefertiti-like profile set in striking silhouette.

She was wearing her trademark panther scarf, tied around her wrist. The door opened as discreetly as possible, revealing Catherine Dior, who had slipped in to see her brother for a reason that's long been forgotten. Jolted from his concentration, Christian smiled. He was her "Tian", she was his "chérie". Mademoiselle Dior, twelve years his junior. Mitzah Bricard, whose mother was English, rose from her medallion-back chair, exclaiming,  "Look, it's Miss Dior"  . Miss Dior?  Miss Dior! 
All it took was one brief sentence, one coincidence, and thus was baptized the very first perfume from Christian Dior.